Booking! You've Come to the Right Place!

Here's where you can book us for your events! We can perform at parties, dances, weddings, outdoor events, Church events, and even DJ! So if you want us to be there for you, fill out this form, and we WILL BE THERE! (Please be sure to leave a contact phone number for us!) Thanks and God Bless!

What type of event is this?

Who would you like to perform? (Check all that apply)

How long of a session would you like us to do?

As payment, which of the following is being provided?

Do not worry, all information is confidential, and will not be shared with third parties. If we do not contact you within 24 hours of you submitting this form, please feel free to fill this form out again,or call us at: 252-455-2301! Thanks and Have a blessed day!

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