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                                                                                  About Jay Trinity

     Jay Trinity is a "Comtemporary Christian" music artist.  Not neccessarily labeled a Christian Rap atist  because he uses many different styles. He is the fouding member and owner of Inspire Entertainment, and enjoys the views and opinins of the people around him. He started out his music ministry just last year when he released " The Power Of Words" mixtape, featuring artists Leviticus, and Poetic Wisdom.

     He is currently working on his second album entitled "Loud Story" which is due to release on April 2nd, 2014! The music that started playing when this page opened isthe introduction to it!

                                                                                                      Message To Fans

If you have a dream strive for it. Because people say you can't do it, that doesn't mean that you cannot acheive. You must have hope. Hope is another word for faith which means believing in something that you cannot see. You may have a vision for it, but you do not physically see it. This is what my album is focused around. Which is goving hope to those who don't have it. And commending those who are chasing their dreams. 

     With God, nothing is impossible, he is able to do all things. And this is where my hope lies. That I can walk the walk that God walked, and that I can help myself and others acheive their goals.

     If you feel you have nobody to turn to, I am always here... Just call me at: 252-455-2301, or feel free to email me personally at "JayTrinity@mail.com". I promise you that you will not get a voice mail and you won't have to go through ten minutes of waiting. This is my direct number, so if you ever need me call me

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