Leviticus is an Up and Coming Christian Rapper.  He is a teenager and has a love for God.  He is one of the founding members of Inspire Entertainment.  He's been rapping for most of his life but has a been a Christian rappers for three years now.   He hasn't always been a good Christian kid and knows life isn't fun and games.   After all that he has been through it went back to Jesus and back to the calling of Ministry through the style of music Rap/Hip-Hop.  He wears Golfer Hats, Flannels, and Jeans.   And his music reflects that.  His main focus is to preach the word of God to anyone and everyone.  Teens, Adults, Kids whoever.  He doesn't plan on stopping soon and will probably be going for a while.  So get used to him he isn't going anywhere.

Leviticus - Sonic - 11 I Feel Good Feat. MartyrMusic.mp3

Leviticus - Sonic - 08 Shine (Feat. Godswill).mp3

Leviticus - Sonic - 15 Wind of Change (Feat. The Equilizer and Alex Hurt).mp3


 Style of Rap Beat: East Coast/ Underground

Rapper (Christian): Flame, KB, Derek Minor

Rapper (Non-Christian): Anything Underground

Styles of Music:  Rap, Indie & Folk

Location: Moyock, NC

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