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Born to Trinidadian immigrant parents in New York City of September 1997, raised in Atlanta, infused with music in his blood. Michael Cornwall knows what he's doing whether it's on the mic or off. A sound engineer for Victory World Church,  break dancer for Breakin Stylez, video editor, and rapper, M.I.C.K. knows what he's doing.

Entering 6th grade, M.I.C.K. found Christian rap through his youth pastor, Stephen Hattaway. Since then he's become a know-it-all of the sub-genre. He was an avid listener and still is to this day (2384 songs on his iPod). He is the co-owner of a popular Christian rap fan page on Instagram, which he updates regularly. Through his connections at Victory World Church, many of his favorite rappers and musicians have become his Facebook friends. He loves talking with them, especially two of his favorites: Jerrell Johnson and Redd Lettaz.

In November of 2012, Cornwall befriended John Givez. The two talk and text for many months. Cornwall was being so inspired up to the point where he buys his own studio equipment. He also befriends John's brother-in-law, Beleaf Melanin. With their help, motivation, and advice, M.I.C.K. is now a rap recording artist who is here to stay.

Michael M.I.C.K. Cornwall promises to give you music that will get you hype, calm you down, make you think, and most importantly: worship and exalt the high King of kings, God. He is very grateful to be a part of Inspire Entertainment.

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