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After many secular artists give their lives to Christ, they simply place a Christian-like adjective in front of their craft, i.e. Christian Rapper, Holy Hip-hop or Gospel Singer.  The number of times GOD and JESUS is said increases and Christian references are made more frequently, but the artistry is still the same.  The chosen path for Tazz Knight was the one least traveled.  As a result, his music isn’t the typical flashy flows over hypnotic beats that leave the listener bobbing their heads and not understand what was said.  His music carries Spiritual meanings and truth that challenges your daily Christian walk.  It pushes you to develop a relationship with GOD and to live unashamed of the Gospel.  When asked what he calls/considers himself as, he answers, “I do not consider myself a Gospel or Christian rapper, I am a New Testament Artist that raps the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

-Message To Fans-

To everyone that has supported me, encouraged me, and prayed for me and my music ministry, I want to say thank you.  Thank you for your love and commitment to what I do.  There were several times when I was younger that I felt rejected by the world and felt that my music wasn’t going to amount to anything.  I almost gave up and let the enemy win.   But I want you all to know that when I met Jesus and saw how the world treated Him, I no longer felt alone.  No longer did I feel like a misfit.  If they hated my LORD enough to crucify Him, and I am aspiring to be like Him, then I realized that they would hate me too.  When I grasp that in my spirit and gave my life to Jesus, I was changed.  I became more than a conqueror though Christ whom strengthens me.  I just want to encourage all of you to never let anything or anyone stop you from being who GOD created you to be.  And if you happen to fall into doubt about things, I pray that you never forget that HE IS ABLE TO DO EVERYTHING THAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO…so just BELIEVE and walk on in FAITH that is DONE!!!  It Is Finished!!!

-Info about My Music

My music is a blessing from GOD.  When I sit down to write, I pray that He guides me, my thoughts, my words and my heart to create what it is that He desires for my music to be.  Many times when I am in the creative writing process, I have no idea what the end is going to be, but I trust that it will be good because it is of His will and doing.  My music tackles life issues and the things we deal with as imperfect beings trying to build a relationship with the creator, our heavenly Father.  Some lyrics will be serve as anthems.  Some will challenge believers to examine their life and see where they stand before God Almighty.  Others lyrics will reach out the non-believe and encourage them to get to know GOD and to  try Jesus.  When the music stops, I pray that the listener will desire to know GOD, grow in faith and build a stronger connection/relationship with the Creator though Jesus Christ.

-Why I Do Music

God has blessed me with a gift and has placed it on my heart to use it to be an ambassador of Christ.  I do music to bring Glory to GOD and to be a vessel that will bring others to a relationship with GOD.

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